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About Me

My name is Katie Sandhu, and I am a student at Northwestern University. Participating in AP US Government and Politics and interning with iCivics in high school fueled my passion for civic education and engagement. I designed Civicate because my work with underserved middle school students highlighted the need for civic education in schools.

Many students learn better with bite-sized video lessons, and this seemed like a pressing need. I have done all the research, writing, storyboarding, and animation design for Civicate so far, but I welcome anyone who wants to help expand this site. There are more topics to explore and more students to reach. Please contact me if you are interested.

Mission & Vision

Civicate was designed by a student to make sure all students have a good understanding of our government so they can better engage as citizens. The short videos are designed to be viewed easily on any device. The content is non-partisan and freely accessible. Civicate will never try to sell you anything, and its purpose is purely educational and inspirational. 

The more you know about how government works, the easier it will be for you to make a difference in our country. If you want to have a voice, make your views known, and have a role in making things better, it’s good to have a strong understanding of our American democracy. Our videos and resources make it easy and fun to learn. 

Paint Pots and Color Wheel

Sincere appreciation for all the teachers and students who have provided feedback and encouragement.

Deep gratitude to Curriki, the nonprofit that brought creative interactive experiences and curriculum to Civicate.

Special thanks to Sharon Green, a middle school social studies teacher from Baltimore, Maryland who is passionate about civics instruction. She created all the activities and response sheets in the Educator Resources section.


Other supporters include CourseHero, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and the Classroom Law Project. Your efforts to promote Civicate are much appreciated!

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